Wayne Sr. will be leaving Watertown, South Dakota on April 19, 2011.
Wayne Jr. will not be joining him at this time. He may join him later but Wayne Sr. is determined to finish the ride.

I am Wayne P. Hoffman, Sr. I'm 46 years young. I am embarking
a 6600-mile adventure around the United States on horseback.

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-The Scene
-Channel 7
-Stevens Point Journal
-Belle Plaine Herald


You may ask why someone might feel the need to do something of this nature. Being a professional truck driver for 18 years with over 2 million miles under me, I have met and seen thousands of people and realized the majority have lost the simple values of life because they get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of their busy lives.

The simple things; like helping someone in need because you can while not thinking what's in it for me, spending time with the ones you love away from the television or sitting down to listen to an elderly person even when whatever they are saying doesn't make much sense, nor matters much anymore. These simple values have been taught to me by two very unique individuals, my mother and my grandmother; who will be joining me in spirit on this journey.

So in summary, I'm taking this trip to raise awareness that the simple values should not be forgotten or pushed aside as life passes us by. Take time to help that neighbor or stranger; take your sweetheart or family for a walk through a state park or national forest before they all disappear or visit a nursing home to visit and listen to history. Just slow life down, take a breath and bring back the simple values which seem to have been lost... 


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